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6 major benefits of using handwritten electronic signature in sales

In 2016, European Union and Poland introduced new legal regulations (Novelization of the Civil Code introduced on 8 September 2016, Trusted Services and Electronic identification Act of 2016 and EU regulation eIDAS) making it possible to substitute paper documents with their electronic version signed using handwritten electronic signature (HES). This article is meant to present the key benefits of using such form of signature (HES) in a company.

Quicker and better customer service

Using handwritten electronic signature reduces time of sales processes and customer service from several days to as little as few minutes!

In the case of traditional “paper” signature, documents have to undergo a long process to be completed. They have to be printed out, completed, signed by all parties (e.g. in the case of loan borrowers it is required for them to physically appear at the bank office), sent via courier do the main office and verified. It is different in the case of sales using handwritten electronic signature module. It is much quicker and more precise than classic “paper” process. Document needed to be signed (request, contract, declaration, report etc.) is not printed out but transferred to a tabled to be signed electronically. The same documents can signed by different persons in different parts of the world – it is the system who automatically ensures the integrity and completeness of collected signatures without the need to waste the time of sales agent and customer on physical logistics of paper documentation.

Thanks to making the process fully electronic, there is a possibility of automatic forwarding of the signed document to customer’s email address, and at the same time to verify customer’s satisfaction regarding the transaction (e.g. link to NPS survey)

Lower costs of business

Substituting paper documents with electronic ones generates savings in many areas. They include: significant reduction or even elimination od paper usage and printing infrastructure, limiting costs of sending documents via courier or mail, reduction of document verification, scanning and archiving costs

Increase in business effectiveness

Your sales representatives signing electronic documents with customers do not waste time on administrative tasks regarding the documents, i.e.: organizing paper for printing, completing documents to be signed, sending documents to HQ etc. Time they save can be used effectively on building relationships with customers and generating additional sales.

Higher document and data security

In the case of business processes using a handwritten electronic signature, the documents “do not leave” the system, so that all associated operations are controlled by the app and their transfer is done within via secure telecommunication connections. The system is adequately protected against possible frauds, and all attempted changes are automatically detected. Signed documents are automatically saved in the dedicated e-archive, access to which is limited to authorized employees.

Saving trees and the environment

Elimination of printing not only saves trees, but also the environment, which takes the toll of the physical transport of documents or consumption of electricity required to operate the back-office departments.

Modern company image

Companies choosing process handling and electronic signing of documents using a tablet will surely stand out from the competition in the eyes of their customers, employees and business partners with the image of a modern company keeping pace with the times while others have fallen behind.

Do you wander what benefits can HES bring to your company? Check it using our Paperless calculator.