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Who Are We?

Our company, Billennium was founded in 2003 as a „software house”. After many years of design experience in the field of process optimisation, we have created a separate Billennium Paperless brand in 2013.

The Paperless team includes specialists in the field of process and document management, as well as appropriate technologies allowing “paperless” projects of any size and complexity level to be executed.

We are a long-term partner of Microsoft in Poland and abroad. Our products include proprietary technologies and use the best global and domestic suppliers.

We deliver IT solutions and the best specialists in the field of human resources outsourcing. We execute projects and research tasks in Poland, the EU and the USA, employing more than 900 specialists in the field of state-of-the-art business-supporting solutions.

Why We?

The key market feature distinguishing us is the approach to the „paperless” type projects, in which the goal is not only the use of „less paper” in the processes, but mainly increased process efficiency in all areas of the company (back office, middle office and front office).

The wide view of company processes and the innovative formula of optimisation workshops allow us to see process relationships between individual areas in the company and to eliminate inefficiencies at the source. We do not introduce IT solutions to the “process chaos”, but eliminate it.

Our engagement does not end at the system implementation only. We support our customers in their daily development, systematically providing innovative solutions in the field of process and document management.

Our customers also acknowledge the high quality of delivered services and solutions (as confirmed by cyclic NPS studies performed by the internal Customer Experience department), and the 24/7 user support centre.


Where Are We Going?

Our mission is to free the world from paper and all its limitations. Information is the key, properly managed information supports our development.

We believe that appropriately selected technologies contribute to the increased quality of service of us all – consumers of various products and services. Our Paperless mission includes the efforts aimed at identification of environments of our customers, so we can together create solutions which we ourselves would gladly use.

The engagement in development of our customers is our driving force and our sense of existence.

Our Partners