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Document e-signing Paperless Signature

Change your paper documents into electronic ones

Novelization of the Civil Code introduced on 8 September 2016, Trusted Services and Electronic identification Act of 2016 and EU regulation eIDAS make it possible to substitute paper documents with their electronic version. It is high time to greatly improve your business and improve data security.

Handwritten electronic signature

Paperless Signature solution uses the Handwritten Electronic Signature allowing for precise registration of unique biometric data of signature in digital form. Registered data include, among others, lenght of signature placing, strength, quickness and signature registration time. The data is a digital equivalent of ink handwritten signature pattern and may be used in the Court to prove whether a given electronic document was signed (or not) by a particular person. With sophisticated functionality of integrating electronic signature with the signed document (e.g. using cryptographic algorithms) it is not possible to copy the signature and use it to another transaction. Additionally, the system can detect any attempts to change the document after it was signed by the parties which further secures the transaction. This solution meets ISO ISO 32000-1 norm and is certified by TÜV Saarland.

Mobile solutions

Paperless Signature system can function on mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, fitted with active screen allowing for the biometric data of a signature placed with a scriber to be registered. Application of the GPS receiver of mobile devices allows for the geolocation of the transaction to be registered as well, which additionally secures the transaction and makes the mobile agents management more efficient.

Photographing and OCR of documents

Paperless Signature solution makes it possible to take pictures of documents relating to transactions, such as ID, financial documents etc. Scanned pictures may automatically start the OCR engine reading the data of the document which makes given business process even quicker.

Stationary solutions

In case of places with a great number of transactions being made, the optimal solution are special pads for the handwritten electronic signature registration. Out company distributes such devices, e.g. manufactured by Wacom.

Electronic signature via the Internet

The Paperless Signature also provides the electronic „click-to-sign” signature which allows documents to be signed electronically via the Internet. It only suffices to select the document to be signed, enter e-mail addresses of the signing parties and the system itself will send the document, sign it by clicking and automatically archive. This type of electronic signature is recommended for remote processes, which do not include physical contact between the signing parties.

Business process support

The Paperless Signature system may be integrated with any BPM-class system, e.g. Paperless BPM, thanks to which both starting the device which provides the e-signature, as well as subsequent steps in the process, following the document signing, may be executed fully automatically. The solution includes a transaction sever, which takes care of the cooperation between signature devices and company systems, such as CRM BPM, DMS, etc.

Electronic archiving of documents

Documents signed with Paperless Signature may be automatically saved in the company e-archive or, for example, in Paperless Safe. Saved documents can be searched for using freely set parameters (including full text search).

Sending documents to customers’ email

Signed documents (e.g. contracts) may be automatically sent to email addresses of the parties.  It is possible to include additional survey module used to measure satisfaction on the just concluded transaction.

Trusted services

Paperless Signature solution may include trusted services such as qualified electronic signature or qualified time stamp, which is an additional legal security with defined parameters (e.g. of higher value).

Main benefits

  • Quicker customer and business partners service
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Higher documentation and data security