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Electronic archive Paperless Safe

Archives under control

Paperless Safe electronic documents archive is the central electronic document repository in your company. All of your documents – both the ones created in different processes and those mailed to you – are stored in a safe and well organized place.

Electronic archive

Store documents in the folders of any logic of your choice. Arrange and categorized as you like: by departments, customers, types and kinds of documents.

Document finder

Search for particular documents by codes of a given category, time of receipt etc. You may also search for full text documents using any phrase.

Extensive system of authorizations

Manage authorizations at the level of different folders. Set limits of printing and sending documents and control it.

Metric of the document

Keep all important information about the document in one place, this includes codes describing the document, history of its particular versions, list of tasks involving the document, log of actions which were performed on the document, etc.  

Document versioning

Keep all versions of a document visible in one place with nor risk regarding the works done on old document.

Paperless Safe automatically assigns and saves new versions of updates of each document on which an action was performed.

Obfuscating selected parts of the documentation

Make documents available to those who have to work using them without losing the control over the visibility of sensitive data.

The system offers the possibility to obfuscate selected fragments of documents which should not be visible for employees with no sufficient authorizations or eternal users.

Main benefits

  • You're in full control of your document archive
  • Authorized persons have quick access to information.
  • Time savings in tasks handling