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We count every single second, penny and paper ream.
We provide results in real time.



For each project, we add up the time devoted to handling processes undergoing optimization – both before and after improvements. Time optimization is possible thanks to special modifications to processes and technology modules which automate selected process operations.

Keeping in touch with ort clients, we are able to show them, in real time, the savings they generate.



Each process costs. The cost includes: the time needed to handle a process by particular staff, the costs of paper used, as well as other costs (e.g. logistics, archiving).

Our calculations are based on the data obtained through optimization analyses and from price lists of service providers. Additionally, we analyse annual labour cost reports.


kg of oxygen

According to the statistics obtained from the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Zielona Góra, 1 kg of oxygen produced by trees is enough for almost six people for 24 hours.

All trees we have saved together with our clients by eliminating unnecessary use of paper produce oxygen.

The Paperless mission may be carried out every day by each of us. Before you print or copy anything, think if an electronic image would not be enough.