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Mailroom application Paperless Mailroom

Mail under control

Document management app Paperless Mailroom will make handling documents and mail in your company much easier. Your mail will quickly reach its destination, and you’ll save time. The system is ready to handle any volume of incoming and outgoing mail.

Automatic notification of incoming mail

Thanks to being integrated with postal operators Paperless Mailroom system will automatically notify you of incoming mail which will make it easier for you to prepare to handle the mail.

Handling paper and electronic mail

Thanks to this application you’ll quickly register all mail, paper and electronic, and then you’ll automatically hand it over to appropriate persons in your company. Quickly, efficiently and with no printing required!

Automatic recognition of the sender and recipient of mail.

Thanks to being integrated with postal operators and allowing you to create the log of different types of documents/departments/employees, the system automatically recognizes the sender and the recipient of mail.

Recording mail was never this quick and easy. Every employee can do it!  

Individual communication paths

A unique path for automatic forwarding can be designed for different type of mail. With a given path, you’ll be able to define whether a document is to be scanned or forwarded in original. It’s the best way to handle critical mail.

Scanning and OCR

This document management app connects easily with office equipment, such as office and industrial scanners. You’ll easily scan envelopes, letters and documents, and the system will record them by recognizing the characters (OCR).

Support for document archiving

Documents handled using our document management app can be archived quickly and precisely thanks to the use of barcodes. If you need to access the original document, you can use the system to find out, in mere seconds, in which box in the archive the document you’re looking for is located.

Dashboards and reports

The vast choice of management dashboards and reports is available within Paperless Mailroom document management app. You can use them to continuously monitor the quality of mail handling and quickly eliminate any “bottlenecks.”

Main benefits

  • You're in full control of your mail
  • Quick mail forwarding between employees
  • Time savings in mail handling