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Mobile processes Paperless Move

Effective sales and customer service now also outside the office

The lifestyle and work style of your customers has significantly changed in recent times. They rarely have the time to travel to your office to be taken care of. Now is the time for you to travel to them. The Paperless Move system helps to organize mobile sales and customer service.

Graphical modeller for business processes

Paperless Move allows easy modelling of own, mobile sales processors and of customer service within an intuitive, graphical process modeller. You can do it yourself or order the operation with our Paperless specialists.

Process and document processing on a tablet

Your mobile representatives will be provided with tablets with the Paperless Move system installed, which allows the customer service to be provided instantaneously. They will be able to go through the process effectively, step by step, to enter the required data quickly (using i.e. automatic recognition of data from identity documents using a tablet camera) and to transfer the data automatically to the main office for approval.

Electronic signature on a tablet

Paperless Move makes the „one meeting – one sale” idea a reality. The system will make it possible to finalize all formalities on the spot, at the site of the customer. Thanks to the handwritten electronic signature technology, the customers will be able to sign all the required documents using an active tablet matrix and a stylus. The innovation of this solution lies not only in the user-friendliness of the technology, but also in the conformity with the effective law.

Electronic document archiving

Documents signed using Paperless Move may be automatically recorded in the e-archive of the company, or e.g. in the Paperless Safe. The recorded documents may be searched by any, arbitrarily set parameters  (including full text).

Sending documents to the e-mail of the customer

The signed documents (e.g. contracts) may be automatically sent to the e-mail addresses of the parties.  It is possible to connect an additional survey module for verification of customer satisfaction related to the newly made transaction.

Main benefits

  • Quick, field support of processes and documents
  • Lower costs of management of the local representative network
  • High information security