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April 2014 – the Polish finals of Imagine Cup 2014 / results

Billenium announced the results of one of the world’s biggest technology competitions addressed to students – Imagine Cup. Grzegorz Rycaj, the R&D Director and a member of the management board, was among the jury members. The winners will represent Poland in the world finals on-line.

The list of winners by category:

  1. World Citizenship:
  2. Power Of Vision
  3. CyberMeds


  1. Innovation:
  2. We Code For Food
  3. LevelUp

III. Science Sergeants

  1. Games:
  2. Hothead Baloon
  3. TheSpawners

III. Unhadled Exceptions

Billlennium, the competition’s partner, awarded the team We Code for Food of the Bialystok University of Technology a special prize for the project entitled Fobos – a system which, based on the latest virtual reality technology and Microsoft Kinect, is able to diagnose and treat phobias.

Congratulations to all the finalists!