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April 2015 – Earth Day

Feeding ream after ream after ream into your printer? Printing tons of documents is no longer just a waste of time and money, it’s doing harm to the environment. Celebrated each 26 April, the Earth Day is a good opportunity to test your eco-awareness. Check what you can do at home or office to spare a few trees.

It takes as many as 17 trees to produce a single ton of paper. An average Pole uses less than 100 kg of paper annually, that is, he or she “cuts down” 1.5 trees, which means that we waste over 50 million trees each year. Wouldn’t you like to check to what extent you contribute to that by printing documents? Use the ecology calculator to see just how effective a woodcutter you are.


p.s. If you really need to print something, choose black ink. Colour ink is 5 times more strenuous for the environment and much more expensive, too.