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Billennium Paperless obtained the EU funding for product development


As part of the competition supporting enterprise investments in research and innovation, Billennium received 100 points for its application and a grant in the amount of PLN 1,967,781.25.

The purpose of the EU program is to support the knowledge-based economy. Funding is provided for a project whose purpose is to develop a video-verification technology based on biometric analysis. From the business side, funding will allow for the implementation of products from the Paperless family, such as Paperless Trust and a new product: Virtual Branch.

Paperless Trust is a platform of trusted services. Its main components include remote confirmation of identity through video conference, generation and storage of signature certificates and a cloud remote signature.

Virtual Branch is a tool that connects a customer and the company, excluding individual service points. Banks, insurance companies and the medical care industry may be the target recipients of the product. The product allows, among others, for video conferencing with a consultant having selected competences, including using a mobile application and co-browsing (which is sharing a web browser with editing option).

The products are distinguished by the possibility of signing contracts and other documents directly in the tool, which is possible thanks to the video verification functionality that gives temporary electronic identity.

“In the face of global digital transformation, we want to use new technologies to create services that will bring new value and quality to our customers. Video solution based products provide many opportunities to improve communication within the company and in the customer service process. These are also products that contribute to the reduction of paper consumption and even its total elimination in line with the idea of sustainable development and environmental impact control.” – says Piotr Aftewicz, Chief Product Officer at Billennium.

Currently, the Billennium product offer includes:

  • Paperless– platform improving business processes and documentation flow;
  • Bilo– application for bills payment;
  • Video solution based products.