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Changes in Billennium’s Management Board

On 1 January 2018, Piotr Aftewicz, formerly Director of Billennium Paperless, joined Billennium’s Management Board.

As the member of the Management Board responsible for products, Piotr will be building the strategy and developing the product portfolio, monitoring the product implementation process as well as supervising the production methodology.

Billennium’s product offer currently includes:

  • Paperless – a platform that streamlines business processes and document circulation;
  • Bilo – an application for paying bills;
  • CXUP – an application used to survey customer reviews;
  • Products based on video solutions.


Piotr Aftewicz has been dealing with IT projects focusing on the optimisation of business processes and documentation management for over 10 years. He has been working at Billennium for over five years, having started as a business analyst in the team that built and implemented the Paperless product.

The Paperless Director is now Przemysław Gołaszewski, who has been with Billennium for over seven years and has been Head of the Implementation Team for the last year.