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February 2016 – Paperless certified to conform to the latest Microsoft systems

We are pleased to announce that we have received Microsoft’s certificate of conformity of our Billennium Platform with the latest version of the MS SQL Server 2014 database and the Windows 10 operating system.

What does this mean for customers?

Maximum acceleration of the handling of data and business processes.

The database MS SQL Server 2014 engine offers even better performance with respect to data processing within the Billennnium Paperless platform, which is used by many companies to handle thousands of documents daily. Mass handling of documents and letters, as well as digital workflow of documents and advanced on-line reporting will be even faster.

The new OLTP “In Memory” engine is capable of accelerating transaction processing even 30-fold, allows the SQL Server 2014 to speed up the operation of critical applications. The new mechanism allows to send queries to the database even 100 times faster than with the older solutions, which translates directly into a much more efficient operation of data warehouse systems.

In the case of Windows 10, an individual’s working environment becomes even more comfortable and is conducive to a more effective handling of issues in the Paperless systems.

Even greater data security.

The SQL Server software is a guarantee of peace; for the past six years it has been offering the best security of all database systems addressed to enterprises.

Full readiness to work in a cloud.

Both Billennnium Paperless and the latest SQL Server 2014 software are ready to operate in the MS Azure Cloud. The new tools available in the SQL Server 2014 allow to easily transfer local SQL Server databases to the cloud, which allows clients to safely use Microsoft’s global data centres.