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June 2015 – paper to become a museum exhibit – the 3rd Paperless seminar

On 18 June 2015, we held our 3rd Paperless Seminar, this time devoted to increasing the companies’ business efficiency by eliminating paper and its limitations from the sales and customer service processes. We demonstrated our innovative module Paperless Signature based on the handwritten digital signature technology and explained its benefits for business. Among our guest were representatives of numerous banks, insurance companies and the media.

The Seminar was officially opened by Bartosz Łopiński, our CEO, who briefly presented our company and the idea behind its approach to projects such as Paperless.

Łukasz Wachowicz – the Business Development Director and organizer of Paperless events – opened the proper part of the seminar by explaining the idea behind the Handwritten Digital Signature, its advantages over the other biometric tools and its benefits for companies which decide to apply it to their key processes.

The seminar’s special guest – David Alonso – Head of Technology & Innovation PMO of Cecabank– presented one of the world’s biggest paperless projects: 10,000 bank branches and over 0.5 b operations annually with no paper involved! David demonstrated how Cecabank benefited from the solution and explained they key stages of the project.

After lunch, the floor was taken by Piotr Aftewicz – Business Analyst Manager – and Karol Olędzki – Business Analyst, who talked about the Paperless Signature solution and showed its architecture, the scope of process optimizations and the method of operation of the system.

They showed an example of how the technology may be used in the traditional channel, in which our mobile module is applied (e.g. a bank’s branch) and in the mobile channel Paperless Move. A separate discussion was also held on the system’s security.
Following the presentation of Paperless Signature and Move , Piotr Aftewicz demonstrated how the solution can be tested in a company by means of a pilot implementation. He talked about the idea behind the Poc (Proof of Concept) project, its success criteria and the way this type of tests are carried out.
The central part of the event ended with a presentation by Dagmara Christensen and Wojciech Kalinowski, lawyers from a global law firm DLA Piper , who analyzed the Paperless Signature solution and the Handwritten Digital Signature in terms of their compliance with the Polish law and the possibility of application of these solutions to business. They highlighted the fact that the solution complies with the regulations governing the declarations of will.
As usually, the seminar ended in a competition of throwing paper planes made from filled-in surveys into a circle. The competition was hosted by Mateusz Janiec – Sales Director Paperless.

We would like to thank all our guests, partners and the entire Paperless team for attending the event. We hope to see you again next year!

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