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November 2014 – Billennium attends the US-Poland Innovation Week

Between November 17-21, the first US-Poland Innovation Week was held in Los Angeles and San Francisco, featuring a number of conferences, debates and lectures given at universities, accompanied by side events, aimed at tightening the cooperation between the Polish and American Partners. Represented by Bartosz Łopiński (CEO) and Łukasz Wachowicz (Development Director), Billennium had been invited to the east coast by Deloitte, the publisher of the Technology Fast50 list. In 2012 Billennium ranked 45 on the list and has jumped to 22nd place since, recording a 508% revenue growth.
During a panel entitled Creative Industries & IT, Billennium presented its achievements as well as objectives and strategy. The company’s Paperless project was received with much interest. The participants of the US-Poland Innovation Week had an opportunity to talk about their experience and pay a visit to Google, Amplify LA, Amgen and Genetech, the last of which has already implemented Billenium’s solutions.