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We will help you to make business processes more efficient

Our offer includes specialised applications (products) and ready business solutions which will help you to improve the efficiency of processs and documentation circulation within your company.

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Business solutions

Support in the scope of mailroom service and workflow in a company

Handling large quantities of different incoming and outgoing communications constitutes a great challenge to many large organisations. The multi-channel nature of serving mail, specific process requirements, lack or excess of IT systems are what makes this task even more difficult. In many cases correspondence is registered by employees manually, which hampers work of the Administration Department, taking into account limited human resources. The paper flow of documents may delay processes and generate a risk of losing documentation and making mistakes.

Support of the process of acceptance of accounting documentation

The most frequent problem in the scope of documentation management tackled in companies is inefficient process of invoice acceptance. Large quantities of documents, no system or improper system for handling documentation are what contributes to delayed payment. Such delays do not only generate additional financial losses (inter alia interest) but they also have an adverse impact on relations with contracting parties.

Sale and customer service support thanks to electronic signature of documents

The paper form of the documentation makes it time-consuming to handle documents. Paper documents are printed, completed for signatures, signed in many places and transported to/from the client and the company's Administration Department. High time-consumingness is not only on part of sales representatives, who should devote their time to contacting clients and generating sales, but also on part of Back Office Departments that verify the received documents, register them into systems, scan and physically archive them.

Consumer credit sale support thanks to electronic signature of documents

Electronic signature of loan agreements brings many benefits, such as improvement of the quality of customer service, cooperation with partners, reduction in global costs of process service and a guarantee of safe transaction.

Support of the HR service in the scope of Mandatory Contracts by electronic signature of documents

A typical process of serving Mandatory Contracts and Bills consists in printing large quantities of documents, time-consuming provision of documents between the contractor and the principal, additional work connected with verification of documents in order to settle payments in a secure manner. The paper version of documents also generates a great risk of incompleteness of documents, loss or frauds.

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