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Which processes should be optimized in the first place?

In preparation for the project of business processes optimization, it is worth considering which of them are directly related to the surrounding economic reality and which have a significant impact on the company’s position in the market. These processes are typically sales (communication with the company’s customers) and correspondence processes (communication with customers, business partners and institutions) with particular emphasis on billing processes (e.g. the acceptance of cost invoices). Accordingly, these processes should be given the most attention in the first place.

 Sales and customer service processes

Optimization of the sales processes provides benefits not only for the customers (something that the companies can distinguish themselves from the competition), but also for employees and owners. In the course of sales process optimization there should be taken into account the replacement of paper documents by electronic documents signed by the customers with the use of electronic handwritten signature on a tablet. This solution provides a number of optimization advantages and due to legal changes in 2016, it can already be used successfully in Poland.

Mailroom correspondence

Each company receives different packages and letters every day. Some of them are crucial for the recipients and they should be handled very quickly, while others have no value. Some of them should be opened and forwarded, and others not. Automating this area allows to organize the work with the correspondence, which in fact is treated as processes and to gain control of the communication of the corporation with its surroundings.

The process of accepting cost invoices

It is the most common optimization process in companies, whose implementation is relatively simple, and which translates directly into relations with contractors – invoices paid on time help to maintain good relations; and unpaid invoices – unfortunately destroy them. When optimizing processes, there should be taken into account the integration with the accounting system and optionally adding the budgeting process and the servicing of purchase orders – this will enable the automation of the process from the moment of budgeting, through acceptance of orders to the settlement of invoices.