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Task and document workflow Paperless BPM

Automating task and document handling

More and more companies decide to automate their key business processes, such as e.g. sales or customer service. Optimization makes it possible to improve the effectiveness without the need to increase resources, it also allows to improve the quality in which the tasks are handled and improving data security.

Business processes modelling

Paperless BPM system includes the built-in processes modeler, which allow even those with the “techno-fear” to model the course of any business process right after a brief tutorial.

Form wizard

Intuitive forms used for tasks reporting can be easily built for created business processes. In the wizard you can specify: type of particular fields, data source, filling algorithms, or external data dictionaries.

Dashboard of everyday tasks

The system makes it easy to handle everyday tasks thanks to functional “tiles” i.e. tasks dashboard. Different “tiles” visually present number of tasks in a given category/process. Each employee may also prepare their own tasks view suiting their needs.  

Dynamic task list

All task in the Paperless BPM system are presented in the form of dynamic lists which users can view in any arrangement. Employees may change the order of columns, sort and search tasks using a given parameter and export the data they select to MS Excel file.

Tasks history

History of particular stages of any task, as well as documents handled and generated for the purpose of the task can be viewed. History is available in the form of a clear chronology of events.

Attachments gallery

All documents concerning a task, regardless of their origin: scanned, generated during the processing of the task, attached by other employees or customers can be viewed in one place.

View of the task stage

When hndlinga task, employees often wonder what is the next stage in the current process. Paperless BPM provides dynamic visualization of the current stage the employee is in which makes making decisions easier and quicker.

Mobile task handling

Paperless BPM system may be also used when handling tasks outside the office. In such case, the system is supplemented by the module Paperless Move which allows not only for handling subsequent stages in the process but also for electronic signing of documents which works great, for example, in sales.

Main benefits

  • Improving business effectiveness using current resources
  • Increasing the quality of customer service
  • Increasing data security